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A senior US official has said that Russia’s claim of reducing the number of troops deployed along the Ukrainian border is false.

He said that Russia is claiming that it is reducing the number of troops deployed on the border, but it is a “false” claim.

These American officials claim that in recent days, Russia has deployed seven thousand additional troops along the border with Ukraine.

According to this American official, Russia can attack Ukraine at any time. At the same time, it has been claimed by Russia that their military exercise has been completed and now it is removing the soldiers stationed on the border.

However, all Western countries, including the US, allege that they have not found any evidence or indication in relation to Russia’s claim.

More than one lakh Russian soldiers are stationed on Ukraine’s border with Russia, who are equipped with all kinds of war weapons.

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While America is claiming in different ways every day that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine, Russia has rejected these claims. Russia says it has no plans to invade Ukraine.

Responding to questions from reporters on Wednesday, a senior White House official said, “Yesterday, the Russian government claimed that it was withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border. This claim attracted worldwide attention, but Now we have come to know that this claim was false.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has also said there is no sign that Russia is reducing the number of troops deployed on the border. Responding to the questions of journalists on Wednesday, he said that the threat from Russia has become the new normal.

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