16 feet long ‘daity’ emerged from the sea! Snake and fish like texture, people in panic – 16 feet long Monster emerged from sea Weird Creature snake and fish like tstf

There are many such creatures in the world, about which we still do not have complete information. In such a situation, when these creatures come in front of us, it is natural to be surprised. Something similar happened when a huge fish like snake was seen on the sea shore. Seeing this strange looking creature, the people present on the spot got scared.

On October 5, pictures of this 16-feet-long creature seen on Mexico’s Sinola coast (Mexico, Sinol) are becoming viral on social media. People are calling this creature as ‘Monster’ and are in panic due to the possibility of some untoward incident.

Actually, a few days ago this sea creature was also seen on the Chilean coast. People are considering its appearance as bad omen.

This silver colored creature looks like a snake and a fish. According to the report of the Daily Star, this creature is an oarfish, which lives in the depths of the ocean and rarely comes to the surface of the water. It likes to be in low light.


It is being told that when an earthquake occurs in the sea, then this creature automatically comes on top of the water. That’s why the local people are scared of the possibility of earthquake and tsunami.

In Japan this creature is known as ‘Ryugo no Tsukai’. This name means message from the palace of the god of the sea. In Japan, it is also associated with earthquakes.

However, there is no clear scientific basis for the earthquake theory. This has been seen only once in history when a fish was seen on the surface of the sea with an earthquake.

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