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Beyond Just Cause: Avalanche Studios Was Working on a Title Set in an Alternate 1950s Version


Just Cause wasn’t Avalanche Studios’ only project : apparently the team had designed an interesting open-world game set in 1950s London. This was revealed by a screenwriter during an interview on the YouTube channel Wassup Conversations.

” One publisher, even a big one, by the way, has canceled all but one of Avalanche’s games,” said screenwriter Mikael Saker. ” Among them, we were working on a fantastic open-world game set in an alternate reality of London in the 1950s. It was incredibly insane! We had this version of London that looked spectacular. There were no skyscrapers, but the heights were reversed, with the city growing down to the ground. The player could also fly on zip lines, airships, planes and jump into large craters scattered around the city. It was visually spectacular, and the construction of the world was also exciting. “

Saker went on to say that it was still two years away from this game completely, but sadly the publisher decided to cut it out. The screenwriter however did not indicate how long the studio had been in operation and there are no images showing the creative process either. Below you can take a look at the interview.

Avalanche Studios then released Just Cause 4 in 2018 and most recently collaborated on Rage 2 alongside Bethesda.




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