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The Paid Skin in Call of Duty Makes Players Invisible. This Seriously Breaks the Game


Players in Call of Duty Warzone discovered a paid skin that allows you to become invisible at a certain distance. The players are very unhappy with this microtransaction, which gives a serious advantage.

Since the release of the free Battle Royale Warzone in March last year, players have consistently encountered various bugs, flaws, and problems with the balance of weapons. The developers can be understood because the game offers a large-scale map with a large number of players, so keeping track of everything is quite difficult. But when it comes to paying models that can give you an edge, the community is particularly reactive.

Now Warzone has discovered that the Forest Spirit skin for an operator named Grinch allows you to become invisible. Interestingly, in this case, the weapon remains flying in the air, but the player himself disappears at a certain distance. Of course, the enemy can still be seen, but there are conditions.

If you do not use the scope, then the player with this skin will disappear at a distance of 34 meters. If you aim through the scope, then at 55 meters. And if you use a sniper rifle, then at 125 meters.

Most likely, this is just a character rendering issue that was not noticed at release. But, given that it allows you to disappear, although not completely, developers should pay attention to it as soon as possible and fix the bug.


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