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The Same Black Man From the GTA 5 Meme Compared the Locations From the Game With Real Streets (Video)


It’s scary to think, but Grand Theft Auto 5 was released back in 2013 and introduced an interesting innovation for the series: players could switch between three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. One of the colorful characters, Lamar Davis, became a friend of the latter. And, surprisingly, over the past month, a meme of Franklin and Lamar arguing on the backyard lawn has gone viral. Leaving, the friend says to the hero an insulting phrase, which, of course, we will not repeat.

The video became very popular when modders began to replace characters, change the dialogue and have fun in every possible way. A rumor about the hype reached the original actors, who reshoot the meme in real life.

Now the rapper and actor Gerald Johnson, who played Lamar, decided to take a walk in Los Angeles and compare the streets of GTA 5 with real life. He noted, for example, that the boulevard with stars in Hollywood is also dirty, as in the game. The point is that the sidewalk belongs to the city, although little money comes from Hollywood to leave the street.

Of course, Johnson, against the background of the popularity of the meme, was repeatedly recognized on the set of the video. He happily took selfies with fans, and also noted that he will continue to compare the streets of the city and the nooks of the GTA 5 world.


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