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An Old-School Shooter About the Ussr Came Out on Steam, It Has 100% Positive Reviews. You Can Beat With a Hammer and Sickle in It


A new old-school first-person shooter has appeared in early access on Steam, which is notable for several points at once. The project is called HROT and is visually executed in the style of the games of the last century.

The game takes place in Czechoslovakia in 1986. Events begin in the Prague metro after a catastrophe in the SSRR, and the goal is to protect the socialist homeland from enemies. The game promises several types of weapons – a shotgun, a machine gun, a rocket launcher, as well as some energy “barrels”. And if you run out of cartridges, then you can get together hand-to-hand using the hammer and sickle.

Separately, it is noted that the game engine imitates software solutions from the 90s with large polygons and fuzzy textures. The levels are created manually based on real-life locations.

The game itself is available here. At the same time, 159 reviews were written for it, all of them are positive.


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