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Cyberpunk 2077 Found a New Funny Teleportation Bug


IN Cyberpunk 2077 have discovered a new funny bug. He is also associated with the phone, as in the quest “Old Friends”, but the result is completely different.

So as an end of my 100% playthrough, I decided to call everyone on V’s contact list. When I called Rogue, her voice was bugged, but that’s pretty usual. But then, I realised it wasn’t simply a voice bug from cyberpunkgame

A video was posted on Reddit showing how the bug works. The gamer completely passed the game, after that he just traveled around Night City. And at some point, he called Bestia. However, besides the connection, something else happened. The beast was teleported directly to V. At the same time, she was clearly sitting at home, as indicated by the pose of the character. Also, the character’s voice sounded strange.

In the comments, other users reported that they saw similar bugs when they called Bestia from V’s apartment, including at the very beginning of the game. A similar thing happened in the process when one of the users dialed Bestia’s number during the passage.

Also, some of the users suggested that the CDPR programmers simply did not know how to properly visualize an NPC during a phone call, without placing it in the game world. One way or another, the “ghost of the Beast” exists in the game. It is not yet clear when this will be fixed.


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