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Russian Director of the Last of Us TV Series Threatened With Murder


Upcoming TV series The Last of Us changed director in January. The author of “Chernobyl”, Johan Renck, was replaced by the Russian director from Nalchik, 29-year-old Kantemir Balagov. The director has now revealed on his Instagram that he is receiving death threats from fans.

It is reliably known that Balagov will direct the first pilot episode for HBO. Based on the experience of the director, many assume that the producers chose the Russian director for his successful dramatic work. But it seems that not all fans agree with this choice. Some players began to write to Balagov in private messages with threats.

If you take off F ****, I’ll crash you personally. The Last of Us is special for me. If you screw up, I will take it as personal.

Judging by the emoticons, Balagov himself does not see anything serious in such messages and treats them with irony. By the way, Neil Druckmann, creative director and screenwriter of the franchise, has also received death threats on several occasions.

The script for the series will be written by the creator of “Chernobyl” Craig Mazin (Craig Mazin) together with Druckmann. The Last of US on HBO will receive a full season, and the story will follow the events of the first game, filled with additional scenes.


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