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Twitch Has Banned the Fat Streamer Forever for Filming Pool Streaming. It Looks Like It’s a Mistake Again


Twitch streamers have to adhere to fairly strict guidelines for their broadcasts. Many are banned by the site forever for minor offenses, some for only a few days for gross violations. But on the other hand, streamers have the opportunity to always file an appeal, because there are often mistakes among the blocks. This seems to have happened with the streamer WesBtw, who was doing a special dirty broadcast from the pool.

WesBtw prepared in advance many different products of not the highest quality and consistency.

Tomorrow. One man. One pool. One bed. An endless amount of nasty shit. It will be real chaos.

Viewers who attended this broadcast could leave donations with assignments. For example, take a dip in mayonnaise. Drain a few goods into the pool and dive into the liquid with your head. Everything like that.

After a while, Twitch blocked the streamer’s channel for “showcasing bodily fluids.” WesBtw noted that there was nothing like this on the stream: no urine, no feces, no blood or vomit. Viewers in the comments confirmed that, despite the dirt on the stream, everything remained within the rules.

Now WesBtw itself and its viewers are asking Twitch to revoke the block. The streamer himself notes that this is a serious blow for him. Recently, he has been trying to lose weight, quit drinking alcohol, and broadcasts help him with this.


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