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A Reserved Seat Simulator Has Appeared on Steam. the Authors Call the Game a “Digital Dream” and Compare It With Cyberpunk 2077


Very strange games often appear on Steam. And this time there is one too. This is a project with the self-explanatory name Platzkart Simulator, which the authors themselves call not quite a game.

This is not quite a game in the usual sense. It just so happened that everything that has a program code and 3D graphics is called games. We prefer to call this project something like a digital dream, an analogue of brain-dance in Cyberpunk 2077 .Current technologies only allow us to associate with games, but for the buyer, including in order not to be disappointed, it is important to understand that there is no “game” here. This is a piece of a dream, and even if it is packed in machine code, it is not a game.

The project pays tribute to the post-Soviet culture and captures the life of our generation through the centuries, giving people the opportunity to plunge into the past and see the world through our eyes.

– From Platzkart Simulator description


Judging by the videos and screenshots, the game has that very atmosphere of a long train journey through endless Siberia. Snow-covered trees glimpse outside the window, a bottle of vodka, Nyashny juice, and dumplings are on the table. There is also a drunken companion and chess.

The game (or “digital dream”) is available on Steam for 59 rubles. At the same time, it’s funny that the project received an English interface.


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