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Elon Musk Named the Only Game He Played on the Console


Elon Musk is known for his activity on the Web, it is especially interesting to follow his posts on Twitter: either meme appears or serious statements about investments. As you know, Musk spends part of his free time playing games on the PC, but one of the fans decided to ask if he plays on the console and which game he liked more. The SpaceX chief’s response was succinct but sparked heated debate among fans.

“… have you played anything on the console? If so, which game did you like the most? ” – “Halo Only”

A wave of comments covered the post in which Elon Musk spoke about Cyberpunk 2077. Tesla CEO named the only console game –Halo. The very fact that the billionaire answered the question of the subscriber excited the fans, even the answers of the game developers began to appear among the comments. Some users have noted the external similarity between the “Vepr” armored personnel carrier from the shooter and Tesla’s Cybertruck electric vehicle. “Now it’s clear where the Cybertruck design idea came from!” – writes one of the fans. Who knows, maybe someday we’ll see a Pelican or Frigate performed by SpaceX.


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