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Fan Mod for Resident Evil 2 Will Tell About Events Before the Start of the Game


Since developers often do not pay attention to the background of certain games, especially old ones, the fans get down to business. For Resident Evil 2 Marvin’s Mod has been released. This is a standalone prequel to the game that tells the story of Raccoon City cop Marvin Bran in 1998.

Bran is accompanied by Officer Rita Phillips, and other characters that have appeared in other games also appear. Although this mod cannot be considered official, it nevertheless fits well into the overall picture. The heroes will have to fight classic monsters – from ordinary zombies to dogs and slimes. In the story, they will be able to evacuate the police department to a safe place.

Moreover, the game itself is not required to run the mod. Just download the prequel. At the same time, the game uses many resources from Resident Evil 2. More information about the modification is on the official website.


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