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Neuralink Elon Musk Taught a Monkey to Play Video Games With the Power of Thought


Billionaire Elon Musk revealed that one of his startups has made a breakthrough in brain chip technology. There is a monkey, which was implanted with such a chip, after which it was able to play a video game. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Brain chip technology is being developed by Neuralink. They intend to create a full-fledged brain-computer interface. Musk promised to release the video with the “connected” monkey in the near future. According to the source, this could happen in a month.

The businessman spoke about the event itself at a virtual meeting on the Clubhouse platform. It is a conferencing application that is currently on an invite-only basis.

Musk noted that a monkey with a chip implanted can play video games using only the power of thought. At the same time, the implant itself is invisible, although it is connected to the brain by thousands of thinnest wires.

It is assumed that this technology will be used primarily for the treatment of brain and spinal cord injuries. However, there are surely some gamers who want to implant such a chip.

Recall that earlier Gabe Newell also spoke about the connection between the brain and games. Earlier, Musk named the only console game he played.


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