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The Timing of the Launch of the Windows 10 21h1 Update Was Accidentally Named by Microsoft. You Will Have to Wait a Little Longer


Microsoft is gearing up to release a major new update to Windows 10 this year called 21H1. The start of the active phase of its development is scheduled for February, and the release is expected in June. At the same time, it was previously planned that the novelty will be released in May.

Curiously, information about the release date was found in the Microsoft documentation. It also says that the new version is expected to be fixed in the transaction kernel manager. The source confirmed that this patch is already present in early insider versions of the OS.

At the moment, the documentation has been edited – information about the timing of the update launch has been removed from there.

At the same time, it is possible that in May the announcement of Windows 10 21H1 will take place, while the large-scale deployment will start a month later. At the same time, there will be almost no new features in the update – 21H1 will focus on fixing errors of earlier versions.


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