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Fans Believe Rockstar Leaked GTA 6 Trailer Release Date


On the network, every week there are more and more rumors about GTA 6, and fans continue to build their theories and hunt for grains of information, tracking every move of Rockstar Games. Now fans believe that the company has announced the release date for the trailer for the new part in the update.GTA Online.

A new VETIR truck has appeared in the update for the multiplayer part of GTA 5. In this regard, Rockstar made an entry in the official blog, attaching a poster for a fresh car.

Did you see anything entertaining? Not? But the fans saw in the VETIR inscription, made in a certain stylization, a hint of GTA 6 because the company marks parts of it with Roman numerals, i.e. GTA VI.

This finding may already sound like a crazy theory, but then the players noted that the numbers 7 and 11 can be seen in the remaining letters. Therefore, fans believe that Rockstar may show the first video on GTA 6 on July 11 or November 11, depending on the format dates.

As with any such theory, this conjecture should be viewed with suspicion. In general, game developers now and then leave Easter eggs and hints in all sorts of materials, and sometimes they even turn out to be true. It will be curious to see if suddenly the announcement of a project of such a scale as GTA 6 was actually hidden in the image for the update.


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