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Valve Copied Some Elements of the Steam Controller and Lost a $ 4 Million Court Case


Valve got into yet another court case. This time, Steam owners will have to pay $ 4 million for patent infringement.

This is the decision made by US District Judge Thomas Zilly in the Ironburg Inventions SCUF lawsuit. During the court hearing, the plaintiff’s representative was able to prove that in 2014 Valve used SCUF’s developments to create the Steam Controller. We are talking about the petals located on the back of the controller – their design and location are exactly the same as the controls protected by the patent.

SCUF’s lawyer said that Valve knew that it was violating the rights of his attorneys, but at the same time ignored all the notices that were sent to her. As a result, the judge is obliged to pay Steam owners $ 4 million in damages. By the way, when developing the Elite Controller, the Americans from Microsoft chose not to play with fire and honestly paid the royalties due to SCUF.

We will remind, earlier the editorial staff of Blogeme wrote about a wave of bans in Call of Duty: Warzone. Activision has blocked over 60,000 accounts.


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