Home Tech MediA: DDR3 Ram Will Rise in Price This Year by 40-50%

MediA: DDR3 Ram Will Rise in Price This Year by 40-50%


DDR3 RAM has been on the market for 14 years. And all this time, it gradually became cheaper. However, the situation is reportedly likely to change in 2021. The source claims that DDR3 could rise in price by 40-50% in the coming months.

The reason was the reduction in chip production. SK Hynix, Samsung, and others are reducing the available list of memory chips, although the demand for them is still great.

It is reported that SK Hynix has discontinued the production of 2 Gb modules, leaving only 4 Gb versions. Samsung has cut the production of DDR3 silicon wafers by three times – from 60 thousand to 20 thousand units. And these factors have already raised prices by 30%.

So far it has not been specified whether further production cuts are planned. However, this should not be ruled out, since DDR5 modules are already entering the market, and manufacturers are additionally increasing the release of DDR4.


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