Home Games Sea of ​​Thieves Players Discover Giant Chicken Leg (Photo)

Sea of ​​Thieves Players Discover Giant Chicken Leg (Photo)


At the end of January Sea of ​​Thieves received an update, after which players found a funny bug – a huge chicken leg taller than human growth. She was accidentally stumbled by a team of pirates who arrived at Cannon Cove. Chicken legs are not uncommon in the game – they can be collected to restore health, but players have never met such giants.

The screenshot shows that the leg is even higher than the pirate posing in front of it. As soon as the post appeared on Twitter, the answer from the official account of the game was not long in coming: “We do not yet know how big this leg is compared to Lady Dmitriescu.”

Massively multiplayer action RPG Sea of ​​Thieves was released in 2018 for PC and Xbox One, now the game is also available for Xbox Series X / S.


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