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The Artist Showed How a Remake of Resident Evil 4 on Unreal Engine 4 Could Look (Video)


Residence of Evil’s YouTube channel posted a new video showing what a remake might look like Resident Evil 4 powered by Unreal Engine 4.

So far, this is not even a game, but only recreated locations. Santiago Ibarra, Environment Artist at VOID Interactive, rendered the village, cemetery, and church using a modern engine. In the future, he plans to add a third-person view and the character of Leon Kennedy. He also intends to reproduce in some other places. Probably, then it will be possible to talk not only about the environment but also about the rudiments of gameplay.

Since the official remake of Resident Evil 4 is currently in development, there is little chance that Ibarra will be able to bring his project to stand-alone status. But who knows, maybe you get lucky.

Recall that earlier we wrote about another remaster of Resident Evil 4.


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