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World of Tanks Developers Named the Most Popular “Hardware” Among Tankers


Developers World of Tanks is constantly optimizing the game so that any player with a PC of any power can launch “tanks”. Since when the game starts, data about the user’s hardware is read automatically, the developers were able to conduct a large-scale study in the Russian-speaking segment of the game and find out how powerful computers are used by the “tankers” and on what settings they play.

It turned out that the majority played on a PC, and one in three preferred a laptop. Basically, 8 GB of “RAM” is enough for players, and only ten tankers (out of several tens of thousands) have a PC with 256 GB of RAM. More than half of the players run WoT with Windows, among them there are as many as five “antique dealers” who play with Windows 2000.

As it turned out, very few people change the standard settings, only the “veterans” registered before 2013 choose the improved graphics. In addition, experienced fighters had an average GPU size higher than that of amateurs and novices – 4 GB of video memory.

World of Tanks is an online tank battle simulator that was released in 2010. Since then, the game has registered about 160 million users around the world.


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