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Amber Heard Is Unhappy With the Media: The Star of “Aquaman” Believes That the Scandal Around Marilyn Manson Should Be Bigger


A new scandal erupted around the popular rock musician Marilyn Manson, who was accused of violence against women. The first to speak was Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld star, who noted Manson’s systematic bullying and abuse during the couple’s relationship. A total of 11 women spoke about the artist’s toughness. Now Aquaman star, actress Amber Heard, has come forward with support.

Manson himself said that his relationship was fully agreed with partners. But because of the accusations, the artist immediately lost several contracts, and the recording studio also refused him.

Amber Heard, who scandalously divorced actor Johnny Depp over allegations of violence, said that the media and the public do not see the obvious and ignore an important topic.

… and still, nobody sees the trend here. Everyone wants to leave their inscription on a booth in the toilet, but no one wants to read it. Evan and I are far from the first to remain silent. Maybe enough to ignore already?

Heard and Depp have continued to sue for several years. At the same time, the popular actor, like Manson, lost several contracts. For example, Warner Bros. asked him to leave the new Fantastic Beasts tape. Heard, by contrast, is still tied to the Aquaman sequel.

We add that Depp and Manson are friends. Both artists often supported each other at rock concerts, where Amber Heard also came.


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