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Freebie: 4 Games and 4 Applications Are Handed Out for Free on Google Play and the App Store


Google and Apple continue to delight their fans with various free giveaways. In a new installment of our traditional collection, we will tell you about four games and four applications that are completely free to download from Google Play and the App Store.

Android games

  • Master of Rogues – The Seven Artifacts is a roguelike for mobile phones. Pixel graphics, retro. ( Download link )
  • Deep Space: First Contact is a first-person adventure game. Players will have to explore the space station. ( Download link )
  • Eternity Legends Premium is a mobile action game with strategy and RPG elements. ( Download link )
  • Save the Boy is a casual clicker with simple graphics. The visual style of the game is somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft. ( Download link )

Trailer for Master of Rogues – The Seven Artifacts

Android Apps

  • TouchRemove is a photo editing program. Helps to remove unwanted objects from cards. ( Download link )
  • Cuticon Drop – Icon Pack is a pack of stylish icons for Android mobile devices. The icons look like they were cut with scissors. ( Download link )
  • PDF Viewer Pro 2020 – applications for viewing PDF files. ( Download link )

TouchRemove Trailer

IOS Apps

Camera Photo to PDF is a simple application that helps you convert pictures and photos to PDF files. ( Download link )

Screenshot Photo from the camera to PDF

Offers are valid for a limited time.


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