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Freebie: 6 Games and 3 Programs Are Given Away for Free and Forever in Google Play and the App Store


Google and Apple continue to delight their fans with giveaways of games and applications. Today, our traditional collection will focus on six games and three applications that are completely free to download from the Google Play and App Store.

Free Android Games:

  • Pirate Defender Premium: Captain Shooting Offline is a popular tower defense (or in this case, a pirate ship) with cartoon graphics and pumping ( free download ).
  • Cat Forest is a cute simulator with cartoon cats ( free download ).
  • Longest Night: Serial Killer, Horific Haunted Asylum – eerie horror in an abandoned mansion where Jason Voorhees is hunting you ( free download ).
  • Archery Master Man-3D is a good mobile first-person archer simulator ( free download ).

Trailer Cat Forest

Free software for Android:

  • Paint By Numbers Creator Pro – the program turns photos into pretty good hand-drawn sketches ( free download ).

Free games for iOS:

  • Tank Battle – Mini War – classic old school “Tanks” now on iOS ( free download ).
  • Build The Bridge is a good physics puzzle game with bridges ( free download ).
Tank Battle – Mini War

Free software for iOS:

  • Easy Abs – home workout program ( free download ).
  • Camera Photo to PDF Converter – Image to PDF converter ( free download ).
Easy Abs



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