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In Elite Dangerous, Players Have Created a “Space Gulag”. Newcomers There Are Forced to Extract Rare Resources


Multiplayer game Elite Dangerous has always been tough on newbies. But the situation is aggravated by the players themselves , according to Polygon. As it turns out, a group of high-level gamers captures newcomers and forces them to extract resources.

The diagram looks like this. At the spawn point, a newcomer is offered a deal – a powerful ship, assistance in the extraction of rare resources and quick earnings. You just need to dock to the carrier ship in order to exchange resources and go to a new region.

The problem is that there is no way back – the distance from the starting point to the region is 800 light years, and the base ships cover a maximum of 2 light years. After that, it remains only to start the game from the beginning, or to “work off” a return ticket in the mines, extracting opals of the abyss. At the same time, they are bought up for 1/6 of the cost, although the average price for such resources is about 600 thousand credits, and often can be even higher.

As noted, several factors have merged here. The recent Elite Dangerous EGS giveaway has flooded with new players. And more recently, aircraft carriers appeared on the list of ships, which can travel up to 500 light years in one jump.

According to the source, at least several players were injured. Moreover, the journalists were able to contact representatives of the group, and they said that they were not holding the players by force. After all, they can always destroy their ship and start playing again.

Elite Dangerous developers are aware of the problem and are already working on a solution. In the game itself, a notification about a similar scheme has now appeared. Meanwhile, in the “space GULAG” there are still about 20 players.


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