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In World of Tanks, You Can Get a Gift for Participating in Testing New Mechanics


Today at World of Tanks has launched an updated Sandbox test server, where you can try out experimental developments from the authors of the game. As part of the first stage, tankers are offered to evaluate the revised high-explosive damage system and receive pleasant rewards for this.

For completing combat missions in the Sandbox, players will receive special tokens that can be exchanged for a gift. This can be a unique set of customization from 2D-style, decals or days of premium account, personal reserves, and credits. In addition, after five battles, tankers will be given a special questionnaire in which they can share their impressions.

The Sandbox reward system is an additional way to show our appreciation to the players for their helpful feedback. For example, artillery and land mines in the new tests have been improved after analyzing the reviews and data obtained after the previous ones. We invite everyone to the “Sandbox”, because it is very important for us to know your opinion. Thus, together we make World of Tanks better!

– Roman Tabolin, World of Tanks Product Manager.

In the future, the developers will open access to testing the “Crew 2.0” system, which is responsible for the skills and abilities of tank crew members and will also show changes in the gameplay for artillery.


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