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Schoolchildren Who Wanted to Blow up the Fsb Building in Minecraft, the Arrest Period Was Extended Due to the Director’s Characteristics


Last year, the FSB opened a criminal case against several teenagers from the Krasnoyarsk Territory on charges of “organizing a terrorist community and participating in it.” 14-year-old schoolchildren built in Minecraft building FSB and planned to blow it up inside the game.

Now the court of the city of Kansk has extended the term of arrest for ninth-graders. Two of them are under house arrest, they admitted their guilt. Nikita Uvarov is in jail, he denied the crime.

The term of detention for teenagers was extended until April 8, 2021. In total, the arrest will last 10 months. The court decided to increase the term due to negative testimony from the headmaster. The head said that Uvarov “perceives the school as a hostile environment.”

In a letter to his mother, Nikita Uvarov asks not to spend money on food and not to transfer them to the pre-trial detention center. He also asks his mother not to worry, but rather to take care of his grandparents.

In the summer of 2020, a group of 14-year-olds was arrested for posting leaflets in support of MSU graduate student and anarchist Azat Miftakhov, who is being accused in the case of the attack on the United Russia office. After the arrest, the investigators got access to the correspondence of schoolchildren, in which they read about their hobby for chemistry, making firecrackers, anarchism, and plans to blow up the FSB building in Minecraft.


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