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5 Tips and 25 Questions to Avoid Ruined by an Unforeseen Home [Home Insurance]


Do you remember the series Ally McBeall ( I know something about love… it sounds immediately with Vonda Shepard’s voice in my head: D)? The lawsuits were as implausible as the lawyers’ tactics to win the lawsuits. Well, if you do not have good home insurance, something equally surreal can happen to you.

I loved it! Even if it was fiction, exaggerated and in another country, you never know what could happen. What am Imaniac farsighted I am even clear about what I would do in the event of rare legal roles?

That nothing at all has ever happened to us except a couple of minor car accidents (the story of when my car was stolen just the night I did NOT go partying, I leave it for another day).

Zero problems at home but still we have always had home insurance and we never consider not having it. With legal coverage (Ally has marked me for life) and civil liability, imagine that your son throws anything out of the window, a flowerpot or a glass, and ruins a car or someone who denounces you like Ally McBeal.

Anything can happen and literally ruin you.

In Galicia, many storms visit us. Well, after one of the fat men, I was very young, a man knocks at the door. My mother comes into the kitchen and they all start looking for money. A man who was visiting took out a ticket too. They gave him the money and the man left.

When they started talking, I found out that the man was raising money for a family whose wall and part of the roof had collapsed. They had been living in the stable for a week, with the cows, the pigs, and their three children. And lucky to still have a stable.

I don’t even tell you about electrical appliances terminated by lightning. Although this has improved over the years or at least that is the impression it gives me.

Nor am I going to talk about other people’s friends, or absent-mindedness, broken pipes, children’s mischief …

And nothing has ever happened to us! Seriously!

Fixing an entire wall or roof is still out of your budget. But if there is a serious personal injury, I don’t even want to think about the bills (and the disappointment).

In fact, I don’t think so.

If something happens, I call the insurance, they pay for theirs and take care of the mess of procedures while we continue with our lives as far as possible. If the company is good, it will be easy to contact them and they will take care of almost everything. Because the management thing is a tremendous mess and it is better to avoid it.

Most of us are a bit lost with what insurance covers us and what does not. Especially home insurance and, even if they strain you with the mortgage, you always have to know it well or many times it is as if you do not have it because you do not give part of things that you have covered. Or worse yet, you think you have something covered and it turns out that there is a clause that excludes it. So read and reread the policy.

5 tips to avoid being ruined by an unforeseen home.

Before hiring home insurance.

The ideal would be to be able to avoid any mishap inside and outside the home, but in that, we have no control. What we can do is have the most appropriate home insurance for our family. These five tips will help you:

  1. Start learning about policies. It is to get an idea of ​​what is in the policy market. If you already have insurance, you can start by reading yours well and keep looking online. On the AXA page, for example, there are different types of home insurance with what they cover and the extras that we can add or eliminate in each one. They even have an insurance calculator to give you an idea of ​​how much insurance can come out of you. Runaway from the bargains and go to solid companies that make prices adjusted to what you need and have.
  2. Correctly value your assets. If you fall short, the home insurance will be cheaper but the compensation will be less than the insured property. It does not compensate. On the other hand, if you rate higher, you will pay more insurance but you will not receive a higher compensation (if you have a Corsa and you pay for a Ferrari insurance, they will not give you a Ferrari in the event of a claim, nope).
  3. Contact an advisor to clarify concepts and request quotes. They are nice and machines at their thing, usually. They will solve all the doubts that you put to them and some more that had not even occurred to you. Ask for several quotes with different extras.
  4. Take your time before signing. Read, reread and compare.
  5. Make a list of questions for the insurer’s advisor. Do not entertain any doubt. Below I leave you some examples.

25 questions about a home insurance policy

I hope these examples serve as guidance or inspiration in making your list of questions for the insurance company advisor.

Ask and ask. It is the best way to understand and know the protection that you are going to contract or have contracted and everything that is not covered, which is just as important.

About what your home insurance policy covers:

  1. What are container and content? Very important to know what they are and to distinguish them.
  2. Does it cover my pet? What covers you? Whatever pet you have, from a bird to a dog, ask.
  3. What is the Civil Liability coverage for?
  4. Does it cover my terrace/balcony/garden furniture, plants, grass? In what cases?
  5. I am an Instagrammer / photographer and I have a very expensive camera and lenses, € 5,000, are they covered? What if they are stolen from me on the street?
  6. I have a piano and a violin, are they covered?
  7. I have a Picasso, is it covered?
  8. If my child slams the bike against the car of a visitor that is parked in the garden, does the insurance cover the bike, the car, or the medical expenses?
  9. Does my insurance cover my having a plumber come to change the faucet?
  10. If there is a power outage, does it cover the food I have in the freezer?
  11. If I come on vacation and my house is flooded, how will you help me?
  12. If a pipe breaks in my bathroom and the floor below floods, will they cover it?
  13. A branch of a tree in my garden has broken a neighbor’s window, do you cover it?
  14. Due to a short circuit, there has been a fire in my children’s room and all their clothes have been burned. I don’t have the tickets. Do they cover the clothing or part of it?

About the conditions of the policy itself:

  1. Can I unsubscribe at any time? (or how long is the contract?)
  2. How long do I have to notify to unsubscribe?
  3. Can I add or remove extras? When?
  4. What do I do if something serious happens in my house? Do I have to notify immediately?
  5. My second home has suffered damage to the roof from a storm two months ago but until today I did not know, can I give the same report? In addition, water has entered the house and has damaged a lot of things, are they covered?
  6. How do I act in case of theft? Do I call you or do I file a complaint first?
  7. Do you notify the professionals or do I have to do it myself? That they take care of managing everything is a hoot. If they say no, I would discard that company (be careful with the bargains as I said).
  8. If my TV explodes (for example), will you pay me or replace it?
  9. What does Civil Liability cover? Up to what spending limit?
  10. What is Legal Protection?
  11. When does the policy begin to be effective (grace period)?

I could continue for a while writing more questions such as, with my insurance, do I have legal advice in a sales contract? or do I have advice on the floor clauses of my mortgage? or does telephone assistance cover me if a virus has entered my computer? or can my insurance help me find a bricklayer to do the renovation of my bathroom? Or if my fridge breaks down due to an electrical failure, will my insurance cover it? Or does the insurance cover the damages that our electric bike may cause? but I think you already have an idea; D.

Do you take the time to hire your insurance and know all the clauses and coverages? What is the most unexpected thing that your insurance covers and you did not know?


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