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Ten Useful Tips When Hiring Car Insurance

If you have to change your policy or make a new one on your vehicle, follow these tips to save money.

The tips when hiring car insurance can be very useful; Above all, if the policyholder is a first-time policyholder, or if they simply want to be able to save in this process, because current insurance seems very expensive.

And is that the world of insurance can be overwhelming. From the multiple options offered by policies in the small print, through the terms or other points to take into account, there are many factors that you must bear in mind when insuring your car. Therefore, if you are in this situation, take note of these ten tips to get insurance for your car. Here we go.

1. Search, compare and choose the best

As with any other good or service that you must hire, to save on your car insurance it is important to know the market situation. To do this, do not hesitate to call several insurers, and ask them for a quote.

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Do not forget to ask them to specify well the coverage that they are going to offer you for that price, and if necessary, ask them to send you the offer in writing.

2. Analyze the coverage they offer you thoroughly

Does your car sleep in the garage, or on the street? Perhaps you should think about the risk of theft it has. Is it your essential vehicle for your day-to-day, or do you use it only occasionally? If you do not use it in your day-to-day, you could do without the replacement car. Would you like it to be fully comprehensive, have a franchise, or only to third parties?

As you can see, depending on your needs you will need one or another coverage; and these will significantly affect the price of the premium. Think about it before asking the insurance company for a quote.

3. Watch out for renewal dates

Do you think your insurer goes over the price, and you want to change? We encourage you to do so. But watch the calendar. Keep in mind that the insurance is an annual contract, and if you want to cancel it, you have to cancel your policy at least 30 days in advance. According to the law: “The parties may oppose the extension of the contract by means of a written notification to the other party, made with a period of at least one month in advance of the conclusion of the current insurance period when whoever opposes the extension is the policyholder, and two months when it is the insurer. ”

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Write down the deadline in red, and do not let it pass, or the renewal will take place immediately and you will have to spend another year with them.

4. Attentive to possible offers

Like any other sector, the car insurance sector offers specific offers, which can be adjusted to your needs and come in handy. A good tip before hiring insurance is to analyze the market, the conditions of the offer, and if it really convinces you, do not hesitate: take it!

5. Cancel the insurance

Unfortunately, and as in other sectors (such as mobile telephony), many insurers offer you better prices if you threaten to leave. For this reason, and although it is a rather annoying procedure, if you cancel your insurance it is possible that they will offer you a better price.

Of course, be careful, because doing this could lead to you losing bonuses.

6. If you can avoid the installment payment

Although it seems more like how, if you can avoid the installment payment of the insurance you can save something; Keep in mind that some insurers increase the final cost of the insurance in these cases.

7. Contract the policy with the same insurer

Do you have a home, health insurance …? Try negotiating with the company, and ask for discounts for hiring several policies. With this advice to hire insurance, you can save some money.

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8. Read the fine print well

Even if the commercial gave you a brief summary, keep in mind that it is very likely that he has told you the good part, but not the not-so-pretty things. Before signing insurance for your car,  read everything carefully, analyze the possible details, and be clear if it is what you are looking for.

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9. The fewer parts you give, the cheaper

It seems like a truism truth, but it is important: your policy will remain contained if you do not give many parts. That is to say: good drivers will have bonuses that translate into cheaper policies; something not inconsiderable …

10. Attention to what you include in the policy

Finally, when hiring insurance, keep in mind that everything that you do not mention (for example, extras) will not be covered by the policy. That is to say: they will not be insured, and if there is a problem, they will not cover it. But of course, if you include them in the insurance, the premium will increase.

It’s up to you…


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