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The Car Insurance That Most Interest Young People: Tips and Tricks


With the card fresh out of the oven, young and new have a difficult time finding affordable insurance. But there are some tricks to reduce the price.

Inexperience and age are a handicap when it comes to finding insurance in price. Companies penalize novice drivers for their lack of laziness, which, when making decisions, leads them to take more risks and, consequently, to be more likely to suffer an accident.

This is demonstrated by the second study by Unespa (Insurance Business Association) on “Young people at the wheel”, which indicates that drivers between 18 and 28 years old with less than a year of license are 3.7 times more likely to have an accident than the rest.

Which type of insurance is the best

Insurance is mandatory for everyone, at least the basic Third Party modality. But is it enough? Let’s see the coverage of each one to elucidate which would be the most appropriate without having to pay the hazing of youth:

–  Basic Third Parties. C udder only legally stipulated which is the mandatory liability. Although it is the cheapest of all, it is an option to reject. It could only be taken into account in the case of a car that is rarely used and is very old.

– Third parties expanded.  In addition to mandatory civil liability, it includes broken windows, fire, theft, roadside assistance, and, in some cases, natural events. Outside of this, the coverage of own damages must be assumed. It is the most advisable when the vehicle is second-hand, but it will be used regularly.

– All risk with the franchise. It consists of lowering the price of the All Risk in exchange for assuming a part of the cost in the event of a breakdown or accident. The franchised amount is usually around 150-300 euros, which is what you have to contribute in case of repair. Without a doubt, it is the most suitable when the vehicle is new.

– All risk. Modality with all the coverages, to enjoy the car with total peace of mind, but its prohibitive price and it does not become a good option.

Insurance only for young people

In the market, there are policies designed for drivers who have just obtained their licenses. They are a good option if they fit your mobility needs. Here are some examples:

– Year de Mapfre. For drivers between 18 and 30 years old, based on the ‘Pay as you drive’ conceptThe idea is that the price of the policy will be more competitive based on driving habits. To do this, an electronic device is installed in the insured vehicle that collects data such as mileage, the type of road on which it is circulated, as well as the time of day when it does so, or the possible accident rate. The way in which turns or lane changes are made, respect for speed limits, the frequency of braking appropriately, or other variables that allow us to verify how you drive is also recorded. If the result is positive, a saving in the original premium can be achieved, according to Mapfre, of 40 percent.

In addition, YCAR offers other additional services such as location and recovery for theft and activation of protocol 112 in case of an accident.

– Self-pay as I drive from Generali. Generali also offers young people to analyze their driving habits to determine the final price according to the real risk. A small device with Movistar technology is installed in the vehicle to obtain information such as how to drive (if speed limits are respected or if you do not drive abruptly), number of kilometers per year, hours of driving per day if it is more day than night and the areas where you drive (city or highway).

50 percent of this premium is paid at the beginning of the period and the rest will be adjusted month by month in 11 installments depending on driving. The maximum premium to be paid is communicated in advance to avoid misunderstandings. They ensure up to 40 percent savings in the fee for good use.

– Direct Line. Drivers between 18 and 25 insure their car with the same products and coverage as other drivers: Third Party Insurance, Third Party Insurance with Windows, Extended Insurance, All Risk Insurance with Excess, All Risk Insurance.

It also offers, in addition, the Night Assistance service, regardless of the contracted product, which includes the free transfer of the vehicle and insured that has ingested alcohol or feels unwell to the address declared in the policy (national transfer of up to 25 kilometers, during seven days a week from 00:00 to 07:00). In addition, prices can be lowered even further if the insured declares in the policy that they do not consume alcohol and do not drive between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

What if nobody assures you?

It is difficult for any insurance company to want to take out a policy for a person under 25 years of age, but it can happen since, by law, they are not obliged. In these cases, there is the Insurance Compensation Consortium that belongs to the State and welcomes all those who are not admitted to any private insurer, assuming the Obligatory Civil Liability of the automobiles. As a requirement, it requires at least having been rejected by two insurance entities.

Our 5 tips

1. Compare various car insurances, their cost, and their different coverages. Websites like Arpem, Rastreator, Kelisto … compare the price of different companies in one sitting.

2. Become a second driver on an existing policy. The practice of “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow”, since seniority is not counted for the next hire and will start from scratch.

3. Empi eza ensuring a “vehicle discreet” The more powerful and valuable it is, the more the insurance will increase.

4. Improve driving skillsInsurers are reducing the premium if no part is given.

5. Other tricks: better gasoline than Diesel, no tuning, and sleep in the garage.


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