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Top 10 Insurance Selling Tips For Young Or Inexperienced Insurance Agents


Follow these top 10 tips to be an inexperienced but incredibly successful insurance salesperson.

Selling insurance is different from selling any other service or product. Insurance is one of the most expensive things people buy and they cannot see, touch or hold it. You are selling ideas, confidence, and promises. In conclusion, you are offering yourself as a person and professional.

This is a huge challenge such that most insurance salespeople quit within the first 2 years and many insurance companies and agencies are afraid to hire inexperienced salespeople.

That is why we share this article. To help young insurance salespeople succeed and to encourage recruiting agents to consider young and inexperienced applicants.

If you know a young insurance agent please pass this article on to him. Possibly you are one.

So let’s look at the top 10 tips that will take you to the next level in your career:

1) Wear a more professional dress

Obviously, if you dress more professionally, clients are more likely to take you seriously. I don’t need to convince you of that.

But when you are the best-dressed person in the office, your co-workers and your boss will take you more seriously, and most importantly, you will take yourself more seriously!

Sometimes trust comes from the outside in. If you evaluate yourself in this sense, a large part of your clients, including yourself, will begin to believe.

2) Avoid the use of “young” or popular slang

Have you ever told a customer or prospect that this was “a matter of” customer service? Do you express sales agreements by saying things like: “ready”, “do it” or “one”?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in being yourself and not apologizing for it, but when you’re trying to sell, the more you talk professionally and at the level of your prospect, the closer you will be to success.

If your prospect doesn’t use those terms, it’s harder to gain their trust when you do.

3) Find common ground

Regardless of the age or background of your perspective, there is always something that you have in common. Find them.

Did you grow up in the same neighborhood? Do they follow the same kinds of sports? Do you share the same passion for animals? Do you both love your family?

Ask questions and notice so you can focus on the commonalities and ignore the rest.

4) Ask prospects about their children

If you are trying to sell to someone much older than you, try to find out if they have a son or grandson his or her age and ask a lot of questions about him or her.

This is how your client’s brain is ready to think about their loved one. This makes your prospects more likely to buy from you, as they would like someone else to do the same for their children.

5) Make reference to the combined experience

Remind your prospects that they are not going to buy only from you. For example, “I have been working with the insurance agency for 8 months and I am very fortunate that our office has more than 45 years of experience in insurance. In fact, each policy that I request to issue is double-checked and confirmed by the same owner of the company.

If experience can be a problem for your prospects, make sure they know that you are backed by the track record of your other colleagues and teammates.

6) Learn from your experienced co-workers

Technology has created a very unusual situation in the business world. It makes younger people feel smarter than they are at times.

As a tech guy himself, I know it’s hard to take the advice of someone you just saw from afar “pecking” at a keyboard for long minutes to type an email of just two sentences.

But I also know of many millionaire insurance agents in most parts of the world where there is almost no correlation between their technological capabilities and their success.

That will change and continues to change for your generation, but you must learn as much as you can from those who have been before you and are still around you.

7) be enthusiastic

Have you ever seen an infomercial without enthusiastic people? Everyone loves the enthusiasm and as a young salesperson, you can show a high degree of enthusiasm without looking like an idiot.

People will just think that you are young and have a lot of energy. You’ll like it. And quite possibly they will also buy excited.

8) Follow the markets

If you want to refer to a more mature and professional audience, follow for example the stock market.

You don’t have to be an expert, I just know enough to ask questions that don’t make you sound completely ignorant.

After you have rated someone by asking if the market is following, you can ask something like: What sectors do you think will do the best in the next quarter?

9) Listen to the voice of your phone

Recording your voice on the phone while talking to some clients is a very good technique.

Does it sound smart? Does it build confidence? Does it sound like a little boy who picked up the phone at Dad’s office? Do it over and over again until you convince yourself.

10) Sell to other young people

There is a group that you have a great advantage in the vein,  with other young people.

And guess what, there are millions of them. Millions are going to buy houses, get married, start businesses, have children, buy expensive things. Go for them!.


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