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The Best Gaming VPNs of 2021


We teach you the best VPNs to keep you safe while playing online with your friends, as well as practical tips on what each of the best VPN services on the market offers. Keep your DDoS attack teams safe and don’t experience connection delays.

When you think about using a VPN service, you often associate it with the ability to anonymously connect to remote servers in different geographic locations. However, there are other benefits associated with choosing the best VPN for gaming.

Privacy, security and anonymous browsing are key aspects to consider in a VPN, but when it comes to choosing the best option for gaming environments, it seems that one of the reasons that prevail above all is to avoid regional blocking.

So why should I use a VPN to play with the PC? Well, mainly because there are already many titles and online gaming platforms that use the network to deploy their titles and be able to play with your opponents. In addition, connecting to different IP servers can give you some advantages.

A VPN allows you to access the Internet using a different IP address as if you were in another part of the world, which means you can play games that might be geographically restricted in your area, or simply play on servers in other regions of the world.

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There are also benefits associated with security. A VPN provides additional protection against DDoS-type attacks, becoming an increasingly growing threat to those who play at a more competitive level.

Benefits associated with the connection and access speed also come. Using a VPN usually results in a slower connection due to data routing, but in exceptional cases, you may have faster upload times and lower pings.

So, given all the benefits of using a VPN for gaming environments, let’s tell you what the most interesting VPN of the year turns out to be if you’re one of those who spend hours and hours in front of your computer playing networked.

At the end of the article, you’ll find valuable shopping tips on what to look for and consider when purchasing a VPN. Prices may vary overnight and can sometimes be a decisive element in the purchase of one or the other service.

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The best gaming VPNs of 2021

Express VPN

  • From $6.67 per month

ExpressVPN is our recommended VPN for gaming environments for its combination of features where simple configuration prevails, fast servers with extensive coverage, and a wide variety, even though it is not the cheapest VPN option.

It has more than 2,000 servers spread over 94 countries, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one wherever you want. Even better, network players have a speed test tool that recommends the best possible locations and servers.

It takes a few minutes to run, but it’s worth it if you want to save yourself the trial and error time to choose the right server for your game. You’ll be able to install and use ExpressVPN on a variety of devices, including a web browser extension

It also has a mode to include it directly on your router (a feature that must be supported by your device), and with which it is possible to set various connection parameters for the VPN to identify its associated traffic.

The price we would say is the only drawback of VPN Express, as you will pay a little more per month than you would with some of its rivals. Fortunately, there are exclusive offers like the one that now prevails, 12 months at the monthly price of 7.09 euros, saving 35%.


  • From $2.75 per month

CyberGhost is recognized among a wide mass of users for its excellent value for money, offering almost all the same features that you will find in the rest of the services and VPN offers, but always at a lower price.

With over 3,000 servers spread across 60 different countries (and growing), there are plenty of connectivity options, making it easy to find a fast server in the country you need.

Its application and interface have a tab dedicated to ‘Faster Servers’ to help you choose only those with the lowest pings and avoid unnecessary delays in dedicated gaming connections.

Servers are protected against DDoS attacks and the user interface is simple and simple. One disadvantage is that the mode for Mac users differs from that of other platforms, which will be no problem since macOS players are smaller than Those of Windows.

The offer that we have located these days allows us to hire the service for around the price of only 2 euros per month if you choose to purchase the 3-year plan, adding an interesting extra of 3 free months.

Other plans consist of 6 months at a price of 7.99 euros or directly buy the one-month option at a price of 11.99 euros. Some one-off offers reach discounts of up to 77%.


  • From $3.71 per month

NordVPN has earned our recognition on several occasions by comparing VPN services around the world, and as it could not be otherwise, it is also a fantastic choice for fans of the gaming world.

Nord’s biggest potential is possibly its gigantic list of supported servers, which exceeds 5,000 worldwide, a round figure for the best connection speeds, no later than where you connect from.

These are spread across 60 countries, somewhat lower than ExpressVPN offers, but include almost all the countries you should want to access for gaming-associated reasons, such as the US, European, Japanese, or South Korean countries.

Based in Panama, NordVPN is also excellent from a privacy perspective, even if that’s not the biggest concern for gaming, offering impressive speeds, good customer support, and a very easy-to-use interface.

At the time of publishing the article, NordVPN’s most interesting offer is to hire the 2-year plan for only 2.97 a month, with the possibility to use theNordLocker file encryption application.


  • From $2.88 per month

PureVPN’s VPN service stands out for its wide range of servers around the world, all of them with very attractive prices because the company manages to reach exclusive agreements.

The server count is 2,000, lower than its rivals, but distributed in more than 140 countries, meaning you’re covered almost anywhere in the world, including regions of Asia or China where others don’t appear.

Beyond this, it features a simple user interface, a quick shutdown switch, and a split tunnel option that allows you to use the VPN connection for some apps and services while leaving others with the usual connection.

Among those mentioned here, we can well say that it is the one that offers the greatest discount these days with up to 88% discount in certain situations compared to the usual price presented by the service the rest of the year.

It currently has a 7-day trial plan for only 0.99 euros with full access and no traffic limits. The 1-month plan costs 9.60 euros, while the 2-year plan comes out at 2.96 euros per month.


  • From $2.50 per month

VyprVPN is an impressively fast VPN service with a downside to consider: it keeps usage records for 30 days, which could worry users more focused on privacy.

But as the environment we care about here is gaming and network gaming, the aspect that prevails here is that of connection speeds, something for which the service offers great transparency, showing ping speeds for each server that is on your list.

The tool offered and its application also allow you to graphically check the bandwidth of your connections in order to be able to track the quality of the connections. There are several VyprVPN plans, depending on the number of simultaneous connections you need.

The offer offered by VyprfVPN has a monthly price of only 1.44 euros in case you contract the 36-month mode, with an 88% discount. There is also the 1-year mode with a 71% discount at a price of 3.75 euros per month. 

What should I consider when purchasing a gaming VPN?

If it turns out that you’re looking for a VPN to play on a network, the considerations to consider are slightly different from those of regular VPN users. The benefits for privacy and anonymity, while practical, will not be the top priority.

What matters most is the connection speed, so the highest priority will be to choose a VPN that offers fast and reliable connections. You should look for a VPN that is one of the fastest in speed tests, with the largest possible server offering.

Speed will be the biggest concern, but you should also look for additional extras that can help with games. Not all VPNs offer DDoS protection, but for a competitive player, it’s something worth considering.

Some VPNs are able to offer within their offerings dedicated game servers that prioritize performance over other aspects. Study these plans thoroughly and the possibility of being able to switch between them without penalty in cost.

Finally, we come to the price theme. This can change quite a bit throughout the year, so look for those that offer free trials and consider whether you’re willing to commit to a longer contract, or prefer a monthly mode.

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