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The Best Antivirus for Android of 2021


Don’t leave the protection and security of your smartphone to chance.

It is important to keep in mind that, as with computers and laptops, there is a real possibility that your device will be infected with viruses and malware. There is no longer an excuse for not protecting your smartphone or tablet as well.

Luckily, there are also apps available for Android that will keep you away from malicious content. Read on to find out which are, in our opinion, the best antivirus for Android this year.

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Comparison: What are the best antivirus for Android this 2021?

Bitdefender Mobile Security

  • $14.99

According to the latest analysis by the AV-TEST company, the results of the Bitdefender Mobile Security antivirus are almost perfect when it comes to protecting you against malware and detecting potential new attacks.

It includes several anti-theft features, which offer you total protection when browsing the Internet, tips to protect your privacy and, of course, a scanner to know if your device is infected or not.

On the other hand, you can also benefit from its VPN connection, although you will not find a call blocking function, the possibility of creating a backup of all your data or parental control.

You can purchase this antivirus on the Bitdefender official page. You will also find it in the Google Play store of your Android smartphone or tablet . In-app purchases are offered.

Norton Mobile Security

  • $14.99 per year

Norton Mobile Security is another of our favorite antivirus and also achieved excellent results in the latest AV-TEST report. Best of all, you can use the same account for your smartphone and your tablet.

In addition to all the features related to the security of your device against a possible computer attack, you will have functions designed to protect your browsing or recover it in case of loss or theft.

On the other hand, with this program, it will be easy for you to create and recover a backup of your personal data. Your mobile will automatically lock if the SIM card is removed and a photo of the person will be taken using your lost or stolen device.

If you are convinced that this is the antivirus for you, you will have to pay € 29.99 for the first year and it will be all yours. You can subscribe on the website officially or download the app from your Google Play.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

  • $19.99

Another program to consider is Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, the version for Android smartphones and tablets of one of the best antivirus for Windows and Mac. Its effectiveness will not disappoint you.

This antivirus offers a wide variety of features that will be very useful: from protecting your device against malware to the possibility of locating it if it has been stolen or lost.

On the other hand, you can also benefit from its anti-theft and anti-fishing functions, as well as blocking calls from salespeople or people you don’t want to talk to and a filter for when you’re browsing the web.

You can download the free version of this antivirus, although we recommend paying the price that is asked for the annual subscription: only € 10.95. You can purchase it from the Kaspersky website or install it from your Google Play.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android

  • Free

The McAfee Mobile Security app for Android is completely free. This might not offer any guarantee of the product, but it should not be overlooked that it has achieved a 100% score in the AV-Test report.

Thus, there is no doubt that this antivirus for Android devices should be one of your priority options when it comes to protecting your smartphone or tablet from a possible infection of malicious content.

This antivirus includes the typical functions of a product with these characteristics: protection against viruses, spyware, and malicious sites and apps, but it also includes others such as the antitheft function.

Other features that may be useful in your day to day are the tools to improve the performance of your phone or tablet, the battery optimizer and the privacy tools to limit the data collected by the apps you use.

Avira Antivirus Security for Android

  • Free, Pro costs $ 11.99

This free software offers you many features and the desired protection you want for your Android. Not surprisingly, Avira Antivirus has such a good score in the AV-Test.

Created in Germany, it already has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Also, the price of its premium version is so affordable that we recommend subscribing to the Pro edition.

In addition to great antivirus protection, you will have protection against ransomware and you can be sure that your privacy and identity will also be safe.

Avast Mobile Security

  • Free

Although Avast Mobile Security antivirus is a completely free application, that does not mean that it is a magnificent program, something that is corroborated by its excellent results in the AV-TEST report.

This antivirus is capable of detecting almost all viruses in real-time and absolutely all malware content created in the last four weeks. That makes it a trusted app to have a phone free of infections and attacks.

In addition to all this security, it also includes a function to block your apps with a password, another to avoid unwanted calls, another so that you are the only one who publishes on your social networks, and another that works as a firewall.

Avast Mobile Security antivirus can be downloaded for free from the website of this Czech manufacturer. You can also get it by going to the Google Play store on your smartphone or tablet.

AVG AntiVirus for Android

  • Free

Another antivirus to protect your Android device is this one from AVG. The AntiVirus AVG for Android is free and can be downloaded quickly from the website of the company, which ensures that provides security for photos, messages, and memories.

It already has more than 100 million downloads and the user can also download it without too many problems from the Google Play store of the smartphone or tablet that they want to protect from malware, suspicious applications, and possible theft.

In fact, this software includes a phone tracker called Anti-Theft -anti thieves in English-, which will allow the user to track their mobile when it has been stolen and block it remotely.

Although the free version includes many features, some may need a little extra protection. They can get it with the paid version, which they can also try for 30 days at no cost.

Do you need an antivirus for Android?

On Apple devices, apps can only be downloaded from the App Store, which helps protect your users from malicious apps. On the contrary, on Android, APK files can be installed, sometimes infected by malware created by cybercriminals.

In addition, the approval process to upload an app in the Google Play Store is much easier compared to that of iOS apps, so it is also easier for an infected application to appear on the platform.

On the other hand, we must also bear in mind that there are phishing emails and misleading advertising that can be harmful to your device, and hackers can steal personal information from your mobile or tablet.

You should also keep in mind the fact that your device most likely does not have the latest security technology. That happens with major manufacturers such as BlackBerry, Asus, LG, Nokia, Motorola, or Xiaomi.

Apart from that protection, other antivirus features are blocking calls, the ability to record criminals, the ability to remove all your data from a lost or stolen device or an extra layer of security for your passwords.


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