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The best WordPress Hosting 2021


Who are the best hosting providers for your website? We tell you the best options if you work with WordPress

Many users decide to bet on the use of WordPress as a management platform for their website or online business. However, there is another decision that is key for everyone, and that is where I can host the web and with which hosting provider I should do it.

What company and what accommodation is better? There are several types of hosting, such as VPS, where your website will be hosted on its own virtual server, but most people will find that the shared hosting option is the best to get started. It is always possible to update later if necessary.

In the following article, we are going to explain to you which is the best WordPress hosting according to the needs of your website, based on storage space, user accounts, transfer limits, and traffic that it can support, or a number of domains.

Follow our advice to choose the best hosting service that interests you, also evaluating the technical service offered, the support when configuring it, as well as the prices and modalities it offers to scale as your website has more visitor traffic.

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The best WordPress hosting packages

Hostinger Premium

  • From $ 0.99 per month (4-year subscription)

Hostinger has been around for years and has built a solid reputation ever since, currently with more than 27 million subscribers worldwide. The company’s Web Hosting Premium shared hosting plan is € 2.15 per month for a year.

Although it is not the cheapest plan you will find on the market (neither the cheapest from Hostinger), it offers very good features, with its more than 20 GB of storage space.

Add to this unlimited additional domain, unlimited bandwidth, and free domain for the first year. However, if this does not interest you and you want a basic plan, the entry price is set at € 0.80 per month contracting the first 12 months.

Hostinger’s hosting plans include one-click WordPress installation, fast caching of WordPress plugins, a very high 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

You will have to pay extra for SSL certificates, so this can be an inconvenience for those who are creating a website aimed at providing e-commerce service.

View Hostinger’s Premium Hosting Plan


  • £ 0

The company Dinahosting with Spanish IP is characterized by usually offering promos and news in its domains and in hosting and server services so that it is possible to benefit from discounts of up to 50% when purchasing a plan for your business.

With regard to the WordPress hosting case, it should be noted that Dinahosting has what it calls an auto-installation tool, so that the platform is designed to simplify the steps and initial configurations of your website.

The cheapest plan called Hosting App WordPress presents a cheap price of € 2.25 providing 50 GB of space, unlimited transfer, and 20 email and chat accounts. Above, we have Pro Hosting at € 4.95 per month and WordPress VPS for € 48 per month, and management of 25 websites on your server.

The service bases its superior performance on the fact of offering clients servers with NVMe SSDs, a configured cache purge system and specific plugins for SEO. In fact, users have their own control panel from which to manage resources.

Finally, Dinahosting offers extra security with WAF, which works as a firewall to prevent the page from being exposed to threats, keeping malicious traffic out of your WordPress. You also have daily backup copies of files, databases and email accounts.

HostGator Starter

  • $2.75 per month (3 years), $ 6.95 per month thereafter

HostGator is one of the most established brands in the web hosting and storage industry. Now, if you opt for this solution, you must purchase it by paying in dollars since, surprisingly, it does not have a presence in our country.

The Hatchling plan is the cheapest available, priced at $ 2.75 per month to offer one-click WordPress installation, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. Of course, you can only host one domain.

However, HostGator also offers dedicated WordPress hosting that provides faster load times (up to 2.5x better) and superior caching.

To make matters worse, the WordPress Starter Plan is priced at $ 5.95 per month. In return, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, daily backups, and free SSL certificates.

You also get a free domain for one year with all WordPress and shared hosting plans. This, along with 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support, make HostGator a very attractive proposition.

View HostGator’s Premium Hosting Plan


  • from $ 2.49 per month

The American company GoDaddy is currently one of the giants in the world of hosting or web hosting with countless servers spread throughout the world. These include European servers located in Amsterdam.

Thus, although the cheapest modality starts from a price of only € 0.99 per month, the package that begins to be interesting for WordPress users starts from € 3.99 per month with which you will have 30 GB of storage web and a free domain.

This plan also offers another series of interesting advantages, such as business email that matches your domain, something interesting if it turns out that you are setting up a business that you are interested in that has some recognition in the face of the public.

Another important aspect of GoDaddy is that it offers backup protection of your website with restoration against possible failures or crashes, to which it adds additional security measures with daily malware analysis.

If you opt for a higher modality, GoDaddy’s Advanced Plan even offers an SEO assistant integrated into your website for a price of € 4.99 per month.

View GoDaddy’s WordPress Packages


  • $3.95 per month (3 years), $ 8.99 per month thereafter

BlueHost is one of the three hosting companies recommended by WordPress.org, which is why we did not want to leave it out of this comparison of web hosting solutions for WordPress.

Currently, BlueHost has 3 contracting modalities. The basic package is priced at $ 2.95 and offers web hosting, 50GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth along 5 email accounts with 100MB each.

For a dollar more than the basic one, you can access the Plus package, where the hosting extends to 10 web pages instead of just one, and the storage space extends up to 150 GB.

See BlueHost’s WordPress hosting packages.


  • $8.18 per month (1 year), £16.37 per month thereafter

At the time we wrote this article, SiteGround has one of the most interesting offers that we have found when it comes to hosting your WordPress-based website.

And it is because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the company has lowered the price of its services to offer 3 months of hosting in any of its shared plans for only € 0.99.

In the case of the specific solution for WordPress users, the company offers a solution that is usually priced at €9.95 per month for only €0.33 per month, a special price available for 3 months if paid in advance.

This modality includes free SSL certificates, as well as the use of unlimited MySQL databases, hosting a website with 10 GB of webspace. The solution is indicated if you estimate that your website can have visitor traffic of around 10,000 per month.

Another aspect that we liked about SiteGround is that it offers a comparison of hosting solutions for WordPress (StartUp, GrowBig or GoGeek) in order to facilitate the choice of users based on their business needs. You can access it through the link.

See SiteGround’s WordPress hosting packages.


  • From $ 1 per month

Obviously, Ionos offers us a wide variety of prices and methods of contracting its hosting services, among which, it also includes integration with WordPress.

Within this section, you can find the Essential, Business or Unlimited plan for businesses with the highest demand. Their prices are respectively € 2 per month the first year (after € 4) for Essential, € 1 per month (€ 7 later) for Business, and € 9 per month (€ 18 later) for Unlimited.

As you will see, these are not the cheapest solutions of the views here, but you should know that behind the Ionos hosting there are many factors that your business can benefit from, such as the advanced infrastructure provided by the company.

View Ionos WordPress Hosting Packages.


  •  $3

The plans that Arsys offers are very similar to what you will find in Ionos. Unlike the rest of the hosting companies discussed here, it is capable of offering an infrastructure widely used by large companies, with what that entails.

In this way, the most basic Arsys modality that you can find with already integrated WordPress hosting is called Basic WP Hosting, which has a price of € 9.9 per month although for the first year it stays at € 3 per month.

You will have a free domain for this, 10 email accounts of 8 GB each, 25 GB of total space to store your website, unlimited transfer and traffic, as well as access to the MySQL database with PHP and Basic SSL programming.

As you will see, in some way these are more scalable plans very focused on SMEs or organizations that in the short term will need unprecedented scalability, or that may need specific resources without having to change to a higher plan. This is where its strong point lies.

See Arsys WordPress hosting packages.


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