4G, Jio and Airtel’s 5G speed will be forgotten, the Internet is the fastest in this city – Jio 5G Airtel 5G Speed ​​up to 600mbps Ookla ttec

5G service has been launched in India. Airtel and Jio’s service is also available in many cities. There was a question in the minds of people regarding 5G that how much speed will be available on it compared to 4G. Ookla has released the latest 5G speed data in India. 5G service of both Jio and Airtel is present in Delhi.

According to Ookla, Jio had reached the top speed close to 600Mbps. This report includes data for Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Varanasi. Let us know in which city the speed of Jio True 5G and Airtel 5G Plus.

What is the speed of Jio 5G and Airtel 5G?

Ookla According to the information, the speed of Airtel 5G in Delhi has been 197.98Mbps. You can consider it near 200Mbps. At the same time, the speed of Jio 5G was around 600 Mbps (598.58 Mbps). On the other hand, in Kolkata, the speed of Airtel was 33.83 Mbps, while the speed of Jio 5G was 482.02 Mbps.

In Mumbai, users got speeds of up to 271.07 Mbps on Airtel 5G, while speeds up to 515.38 Mbps have been experienced on Jio 5G. In Varanasi, the speed difference of both the operators is less. However, the speed of Airtel 5G is more here. Users have got speeds of up to 516.57 Mbps on Airtel’s network, while speeds up to 485.22 Mbps on Jio.

How many people want to upgrade to 5G?

According to Ookla’s Consumer Survey, 89% of Indian smartphone users want to upgrade to the 5G network. In the last two years, many consumers have bought 5G ready smartphones. Jio’s name tops the growth list of 5G capable devices.

Talking about the cities, Hyderabad has the most capable devices of all the three operators. A large number of iPhone users are in this list. According to the survey, 51 percent of the users have admitted that they already have phones with 5G support.

The highest number in this is from Samsung, which has 31 percent users. At the same time, the number of Xiaomi users is 23 percent. According to the report, iPhone 12 5G is the most popular 5G phone in the Indian market.

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