5 heroines who have made a relationship with two men in front of the camera, one hero has lost control

mishti basu with 2 mens on bed

Apart from this, web series are also very popular these days as they show the favorite content of the audience. In this post, we will discuss about five actresses who have played two male roles simultaneously on the big screen. Be sure to build a relationship with him. What are some of the most common types of stars?

In the 2016 film Ishq Junoon, Divya Singh had an intimate relationship with Rajbir Singh and Akshay Rangshahi. This movie is causing death because it is so popular. Some people may have enjoyed it, while others may have found it painful.


Ayushi Jaiswal: Ayushi Jaiswal made a lot of headlines by doing many explosive scenes with Gaurav Raj and Varun Sharma in the web series Hot Spot Fantasy Call released on OTT platform Ullu. His web series was well received by the audience, who loved watching him perform.


Mishti Basu: Ullu’s web series Charamsukh is one of the most liked web series, In 2006, Mishti Basu had a relationship with two actors simultaneously. The web series stars Aayush Sharma and Anjani Rana. In the web series Palangtod, the two actors acted together in some scintillating sequences, which apparently delights the fans of the show. Shivam Tiwari and Mohit Kumar starred in the lead roles in the series.


Neeta Shetty: The web series Gandii Baat created a lot of excitement on the OTT platform. At the same time, actress Neeta Shetty made her first appearance in the second season of the series. I had an affair with two men at once.

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