80-20 rule for phone charging, battery life will increase, these things have to be taken care of – How to Charge Smartphone Correctly For Better Battery life ttec

Do you take care of anything while charging your smartphone? For example, how long should we charge the phone or how much percent should we charge the battery. By keeping a few things in mind, you can increase the battery life of your smartphone. Super fast charging option is available in today’s smartphone.

With its help, you can charge your phone quickly, but you cannot increase the life of the battery. If you want that the battery of the smartphone does not deteriorate soon, then for this you have to take care of some things. Let’s know how to charge a smartphone properly.

charge cycle spin

Every phone comes with a fixed charge cycle, which ranges from 300 to 500. By charge cycle we mean phone full charge And to be completely discharged.

On very rare occasions your phone discharges completely and then reaches full charge in a single charge. In such a situation, it is difficult to take care of this cycle. You can slow down this process in a few ways.

20 and 80 game

We should not allow the battery of any smartphone to discharge completely. The old acid battery may have worked on this pattern, but the lithium-ion battery does not work like this. Doing so damages the battery.

Now the question is, at what percentage should the smartphone be charged? For the best battery life of a device, we should take care of the ratio of 20-80. That is, when 20 percent of the battery is left, we should put the phone on charge and it should not charge more than 80 percent.

We should take care that the smartphone does not discharge at all. However, new phones come with better technology. In this, you get the option of power disconnect, with the help of which the battery does not over charge. These features are not currently available in all handsets.

keep the phone half charged

If you are not going to use the phone for a long time, then you should keep the battery charged. Apple gives this advice to its users. Even in the event of not using the phone, you should keep it charged at about 50%. This will not spoil the battery of your phone. On many occasions, the battery of the phone gets damaged due to being discharged for a long time.

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