A hit in ‘Udaariyan’, a flop in Bigg Boss, will Ankit Gupta be evicted from home in the first week? – Udaariyan Fame Ankit Gupta flop in bigg boss 16 salman khan weekend ka vaar tmovb

In Bigg Boss 16, the pair of Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaudhary remains in the limelight. On Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan also gave big advice to Priyanka Chaudhary. But the host of the show Salman has not seen anything special from Ankit. The members of Bigg Boss house have also termed Ankit a flop. Let us know what is the matter after all.

Ankit Gupta flopped
Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chaudhary’s pair was very much liked in the show ‘Udaariyan’. In the show, Ankit made a special place in everyone’s heart in the role of Fateh. After saying goodbye to ‘Udaariyan’, Ankit decided to come to Bigg Boss. Hearing this news, his fans were looking quite excited. But Ankit is not able to do anything in the show as expected from him.

It has been a week since Bigg Boss went on air. But till now Ankit has not yet put his strong opinion on any matter in front of the family members. He does not even try to mingle with the members of the household much. Mostly he is seen with Priyanka. Even in household chores, he does not show much share. Noticing these antics of Ankit, the family members called him a flop.

Weekend Ka Vaar Task
In Saturday’s episode, Salman Khan will give a task to the family members regarding Ankit and Sumbul. In this task, he has to tell which of the two has flopped. Most of the contestants called Ankit a flop. After this, Salman Khan told the actor that ‘a call from your family members had come. Said that our son is nowhere to be seen. Ankit says that he waits for the right time. On this, Salman Khan answers them that they should not get out of the house in taking time.

Salman Khan had also said that Priyanka is doing well, but stops because of Ankit. Now it has to be seen how much these two understand Salman’s advice.

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