A man drinks 1.5 lakh water Voss bottles come from abroad, most expensive water Tsty

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  • This person’s water comes from Norway
  • Some users trolled this person

Expensive Water: People have their own ways of showing social status. A person has claimed on social media that he drinks water worth about 1.5 lakh rupees in a month. He has shared a video about this on Tiktok. These water bottles of his come from abroad.

The name of this person is Ryan Dabbs. He has shared this video on Tiktok about the hobby of water. He told the viewers that about 1.5 lakh rupees are spent on his water. In the video, he told, ‘These bottles come directly to his house. This is a very luxury item. You must be thinking that where do I keep all these bottles? The answer is that there are four fridges for this.

water comes from norway
According to media reports, Ryan gets this water from Norway. This is from VOSS company. This is his favorite water bottle brand. Pani Ryan treats you like a social status. Overall, Ryan considers his own social position to be better. He orders the water outright. He said – Everyone has their own choice, my guests like my method very much.

what users say
According to the video that Ryan has shared on Tiktok, he has also received a lot of positive comments in it. One person wrote that this is quite insulting. While another agreed, jokingly wrote, “We have to reset this world again.” Another person has written that how can one be so far from reality. I have run out of words. All such comments have come on this video.

On Amazon’s British website, a package of 12 liters of VOSS water costs around Rs 2700. However, this company supplies many types of water whose prices are different.

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