A mysterious round stone suddenly appeared here, scientists also entangled in the puzzle! – 7000 year old Mysterious Stone Roundel discovered by Archaeologists in Prague Older Than Stonehenge and Pyramids tlifws

There are so many secrets hidden in the world, which people cannot even imagine. Many times so many old things are discovered, seeing which archaeologists are also surprised. Something similar has been found in Prague, Czech Republic, on which the eyes of people all over the world have been fixed. Actually, stone roundel (round shaped stone) older than Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids has been discovered in Prague. Many such ancient things have also been found in the excavation around the stone, about which accurate information is also being gathered.

Archaeologists say that it must have been built about 7 thousand years ago in the time of the Stone Age. However, the reason why it must have been made is not yet known. Jaroslav Ridki of the Department of Archeology of the Czech Academy of Science told Radio Prague International that the roundel (a kind of circular stone) is the oldest evidence of architecture in all of Europe.

The width of the stone is 180 feet

The special thing is that the width of this circular Neolithic structure is about 180 feet, which is taller than the Tower of Pisa and has three gates. The special thing is that in the year 1980 itself, while laying gas and water lines in this area, the workers had discovered the historic Roundel. But now after about 40 years, its discovery has been completely done.

Archaeologist Miroslav Karaus, who is leading the search team, told Radio Prague International that these roundels were made during the Stone Age itself. These belong to the time when iron was not even discovered. The archaeologist said that at that time it must have been used as an economic and trade center. Or it could also be the center of a religious cult.

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At the same time, archaeologist Jaroslav Ridki told Live Science that little information has been found about the people who made the roundel. According to Ridki, its makers were people associated with clay art, who were active from 4900 BCE to 4400 BCE.

Construction in many places other than Prague

Archaeologist Ridki told that these same people had built similar roundels in the Bohemia area of ​​the Czech Republic. About 200 similar examples of these people can also be seen from Central to Eastern Europe. In the past few years, aerial photography with the help of drones has also helped a lot in identifying other roundel examples.

Mysterious Stone (Site)

Now when the excavation was done during the discovery of this new circular stone, many special things were also found buried under it. These include broken pieces of pottery, animal bones and weapons made of stone. Archaeologists say that with the help of carbon dating, the exact date of construction of all these things will be known and that these remains are associated with a nearby Neolithic settlement.

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