A strange organ found on a beach in Australia, maybe a private part of a whale fish – Giant Whale Penis found on Australian Beach tstr

A very strange thing has been found from the coast of the sea in Australia. It is a very large piece of tentacle-like flesh, which is smooth and pink in color. There is currently speculation about which animal’s body it could be a part of.

A Tiktok user Afri Gregory was spotted by the sea near Townsville in Queensland and shot a video of it. There is speculation on social media that it may be the private part of the whale, as it is very big.

whale private part
This neurotic organ found from the beach, which experts are telling is the genital of male whale (Photo:@bootscootinaf/TikTok)

Macquarie University zoologist Vanessa Pirotta says that we do not really know what this half-meter broken piece of meat is. He said that it could be anything, any other part of any marine animal, such as the liver of a shark. But he believed that looking at its size and other things, it seems that it is the private part of the whale.

Being the largest animal in the world, the private part of the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus), is naturally the largest in the animal kingdom. It can grow to an average length of 2.5 to 3 meters. It is believed that this organ found on the coast of the sea belongs to the humpback whale (Megaptera novaangliae-Megaptera novaeangliae), as this is the time for these whales to breed in the waters of Queensland.

Researchers have long studied the genitals of humpback whales to learn more about the mating habits of larger animals. In 1955, researchers examined the testicles of whales, after which it was concluded that they were seasonal breeders. Along with this, the researchers also told that the length of the private part of the whale can be found out about how sexually mature the whale is.

Whale’s private part can be 2.5 to 3 meters long (Photo: Getty)

In 2002, researchers filmed 121 hours of life of 630 humpback whale pods. In this 13 incidents of whale erection were captured. From this he concluded that most whales had their genitals protruded to show their dominance over the rest of the male whales. But humpbacks don’t have teeth, so no rival can do so much damage to a whale’s erection.

It was also found in this research that a single male sings to attract a mate, that is, makes a kind of sound. At that time he takes out his private part. It can be said that this private part found on the shore will be of such a male whale, which unfortunately must have been attacked by an orca whale. But until an expert does not examine it, it cannot be clearly said which animal this part belongs to.

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