Aamir Khan started pleading after the fall of Lal Singh Chaddha, said this big thing to all Indians

Recent events have made some people disapprove of Bollywood, and this may have a negative impact on the future of the industry. The state of Bollywood is no secret, and everyone knows about it. Barring a few films this year, most of the films have not been successful.

Not only has films been a target of boycott in the past, but this trend is increasing. The people involved took this trend so seriously that the films were not brought to the audience. It didn’t happen. The film Laal Singh Chaddha has recently become a victim of boycott trend. Many people discussed the boycott of Aamir Khan’s film fiercely.

Aamir’s old statements started being shared on social media. Apart from new films of Kareena Kapoor, her old pictures also started trending on social media. The film was not successful. Laal Singh Chaddha is one of the biggest disaster films of Aamir Khan and Hindi cinema, and has been critically acclaimed. Recently Aamir Khan also commented on this topic.

Aamir Khan Productions tweeted: A clip from Aamir Khan Productions has been shared online. I am sorry for the way I treated you. I was wrong and I want to correct it. The word “clip” appears at the beginning of the video. The term refers to anything that is perishable and which is not used or enjoyed. It should be thrown away or forgotten.

The video will continue after this brief pause. Apart from this, a sound can also be heard from the background. In this clip, we see people making mistakes. Some of these mistakes are understandable, while others can be more difficult to understand. We all experience these kinds of mistakes, and they are part of what makes us human. Language can be used in many ways, sometimes through words, sometimes through actions, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes humorously, and sometimes not talking. If I have caused you any trouble, I sincerely apologize. However, the voice heard is not that of actor Aamir Khan.

In this way people are confused. They do not understand whether Aamir has asked for this apology or someone else. Many users are also making fun of it. One person wrote – Don’t make mistakes like Lal Singh Chaddha again. One wrote – Had said the same thing earlier, Lal Singh Chaddha could have survived. One user wrote – Now nothing can happen by apologizing. After reading the contents of the clip, it seems that Aamir Khan has apologized for his old statements.

Apologies for the old statements: Aamir’s old statements had hurt the hearts of many people. After the release of Laal Singh Chaddha, the statements made by Aamir Khan started circulating widely. At that time Aamir felt that people are just talking, but when the film is released, people will definitely go to see it. However, nothing of the sort happened. The film didn’t seem to connect with its audience, and it couldn’t even bear its cost.


Let us tell you that a few years ago Aamir had said in a statement that his wife is afraid in this country. She wants to leave this country. Apart from this, there was also an allegation of insulting Lord Shiva in Aamir’s film PK.

There was a lot of uproar about this at that time too but PK became a superhit. Now it can be assumed that Aamir has apologized for Laal Singh Chaddha’s flop. At the same time, many fans of Aamir are standing in his support.

Many people believe that Aamir’s account has been hacked. Although this apology has been done from the official Twitter handle of Aamir Khan Production. Now what Aamir has actually apologized for can only be guessed.

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