Aamir Khan: ‘Why no ad on Nikah Halala…?’ Users furious at Aamir Khan said – Shameless, still not agreeing

Aamir Khan, who is called ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ of Bollywood, is once again in the news. The reason for this is an advertisement, in which he is seen with Kiara Advani. After this video surfaced, people are furious at Aamir. This video is being told against Hindu tradition and it is being said that social sentiments have been hurt by it. #AamirKhan_Insults_HinduDharma is trending on Twitter. Apart from the people of Twitter, the director of ‘The Kashmir Files’ movie Vivek Agnihotri has also vented his anger on Aamir and Kiara and even called them idiots. Let us tell you what the whole matter is.

Recently, a video of Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani came out, in which both are seen as bride and groom. Instead of Kiara, Aamir is leaving. He goes to his in-laws’ house. They also perform the ceremony of home entry. Why so? This is because of Kiara’s ailing father. This message has been given in this advertisement that just as a girl leaves her house and goes to her in-laws house after getting married. Similarly, the boy can also stay at his wife’s house after marriage. At the end of the video, Aamir says, ‘Why keep the tradition going for centuries? So we question the banking tradition.

People angry after seeing the ad
However, after watching this video, the anger of the people has flared up. It is being described as an advertisement anti-Hindu tradition and hurting social sentiments. There is also talk of boycotting it. Let’s show you what people are saying.

Made fun of Hindu traditions

One wrote, ‘Be it a film or an advertisement, #AamirKhan_Insults_HinduDharma is becoming a regular affair. This time it is an advertisement of AU Bank making fun of Hindu traditions. Will AU Bank advertise on changing traditions of other religions?’

Aamir has no right to say that

no right to hurt feelings

Why no advertisements on Nikah and Halal?

Don’t give knowledge on Hinduism

Vivek Agnihotri also got furious

Vivek Agnihotri On Aamir Kiara Ad, who made ‘The Kashmir Files’ after seeing this advertisement, is also furious. He has vented his anger on Twitter. He tweeted, ‘I don’t understand how long banks have become responsible for changing social and religious traditions. I think this bank should actively work to change the corrupt banking system. They do such nonsense, then they say that Hindus are trolling. Idiot.’

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