Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan, who is feeling ‘heavy’ after engagement, posted on Instagram and explained the reason

Bollywood star kids often share their lives on social media. Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan also stays connected with her millions of fans on Instagram. Ira Khan, who recently got engaged, has been feeling heavy for a few days now.

He has shared this information on his Instagram post. Ira Khan shared the post and told that before the last few days, she used to keep her Instagram quite cool. But for some time I am feeling heavy.

Ira Khan stocks herself on Instagram
Ira Khan is very active on social media. Ira keeps sharing photos with her fans continuously. Ira Khan is feeling heavy for the last few days. Sharing a post, Ira wrote that ‘I keep stocking myself on my Instagram. I have realized that earlier my Instagram used to be quite cool. Now it has become heavy.

The reason for this is also that for the last few days I am also feeling heavy. Even if I am doing some fun, I do not post photos of it on Instagram. It’s okay in a way too. But I want to be such a person to be cool and fun on Instagram. Not for Instagram but for myself.

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Ira Khan often shares her thoughts on social media.

Ira Khan speaks about mental health
Let us tell you that Ira Khan often shares her thoughts on social media. Some time ago, Ira Khan also shared her thoughts regarding mental health. Ira Khan has also become a victim of depression. He had also openly shared his problems with everyone regarding this. Although Ira has been quite happy for some time and keeps posting on Instagram continuously.

recently got engaged
Let us tell you that Ira Khan has recently engaged. Ira Khan was proposed by her trainer Nupur Shikhar. After this Ira also said yes. Now Ira is engaged and can get married soon. Nupur and Ira have been in a relationship for a long time. Nupur Shikre, the trainer of Bollywood celebrities, proposed Ira Khan for marriage in a film style. Ira also shared a video about this on Instagram.

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