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India remained absent at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva against a resolution brought against China over the status of Vigar Muslims.

This draft resolution was presented on Thursday by several countries, including Canada, the US and Britain, for a debate on human rights violations in the Xinjiang region of China. India has not given any reason for its decision.

UN Geneva’s tweet read, “Draft resolution to discuss the human rights situation in China’s Autonomous Region of Xinjiang #Weigar has been rejected by the Human Rights Council.”

On the resolution against China, 17 of the 47 member countries voted in favor of it and 19 members, including China, voted in opposition. 11 member countries including India, Ukraine and Malaysia abstained from voting.

The US, France, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands have given support to those who voted in favor of this resolution.

Western countries including America have been accusing China of human rights violations in the case of Vigar Muslims.

China has been accused of keeping Vigar Muslims in detention camps and inhuman treatment. But, China has been denying all these allegations.

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Apart from this, India also did not participate in the voting on the resolution brought against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC.

A resolution to vote was introduced at the UNHRC to promote reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

Of the 47 members of the Human Rights Council, 20 voted in favor of the resolution. At the same time, only 7 votes were cast in opposition, which included Pakistan and China.

However, abstaining from voting, India appealed to Sri Lanka to fulfill the commitments made for the Tamils.

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