Adipurush: Manoj Muntashir defended ‘Ravana’ of ‘Adipurush’, said – even if he is like Khilji, there is no evil

The teaser of Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan starrer film ‘Adipurush’ was released recently on October 2. People were eagerly waiting for the first glimpse of this film which was told that the film is inspired from the story of ‘Ramayana’. The teaser was released but the fans were quite disappointed after seeing it. Actually, more than Prabhas’ Ram’s character, Saif Ali Khan’s character of Ravana started being discussed fiercely among the people. The way in which the characters from Ravana to Hanuman were presented in a modern style in this film, there was tremendous displeasure among the audience. From the common public to the industry’s artists, these characters of the film and their looks openly opposed it. Now director Om Raut, who made this film and famous lyricist Manoj Muntashir, who wrote its dialogues, have said a lot about the film in their interview, which will force you to review the teaser of the film at least once again.

Manoj Muntashir shared an interview clip on Twitter
People are seen saying about Adipurush on social media that the character of ‘Ramayana’ in the film has been Islamized. Gradually, the protest about the film is increasing and protests have started in many cities regarding it. Not only this, due to tampering with the characters of ‘Ramayana’ in the film, effigies of the actors seen in the film are also being burnt. Now lyricist Manoj Muntashir, who wrote the dialogues in this film, has shared an interview clip on Twitter, in which he is seen expressing his views on the comparison of Ravana with Khilji.

‘Which Khilji wears Tilak, which Khilji wears Janeu, our Ravana has done it’
He said, ‘In the teaser of 1 minute 35 seconds we have seen, Ravana has put Tripundi. I am talking about what I have seen, the rest I have a lot to show, which people have not seen. I am saying very humbly that when the film comes, they will see it all. Which Khilji puts Tripundi? Which Khilji wears Tilak? Which Khilji wears Janeu and which Khilji wears Rudraksha. Our Ravan has done this in this 1 minute 35 second teaser. Secondly, the evil of every age has its own face. Ravana is the face of evil for me, Alauddin Khilji is the face of evil of this era and even if he is similar, we have not done this intently for him, but even if we got it, I don’t think there is any issue in it . Alauddin Khilji is not only a hero, he is evil and if Ravana’s face meets him and hates him more because he looks like Khilji then there is nothing wrong in that.

Disappointing Adipurush: Prabhas’s teaser of Adipurush is getting thu-thu, people said – why has this temple run been made!
Manoj narrated the new story of Sita Haran

Manoj Muntashir has said, a lot has been said in defense of ‘Adi Purush’. Manoj has said in a conversation with Aaj Tak, ‘The teaser of just 1 minute 35 seconds came in front of the world and I believe that people’s feelings are a little furious about Lord Shri Ram and it should be. We are in a country where the head is bowed with reverence and should be bowed down as soon as we take the name of Ram. And if you feel that something is not right with Ram, then you raise your voice, we welcome it. We want to say this much from our side that who are the people associated with this film Om Raut. People say that he made the film Tanaji, I keep it side. For me, Om Raut is that one scene in the film where mother Sita is being abducted and Ravana is abducting mother Sita in the guise of a sadhu, we have seen this in Ramlila, we have seen this in the Ramayana of respected Ramanand Sagar. I have seen.’

Prabhas Video: Prabhas angry with anger? Angry at the director of ‘Adipurush’ Om Raut in a packed gathering!
‘Om Raut stands from the chair and says sir she is my mother’
He said, ‘The way Om Raut has shown, I saw Ravana kidnapping Mother Sita but does not touch her even for a moment. He abducts from Maya. I asked Om that I have never thought of this because whenever we have seen before, we have seen Ravana holding hands and dragging them away. Om Raut standing from the chair says, Sir she is my mother and no one can touch her. This is the approach of a maker for this film.

Used to write dialogues by opening his shoes outside
Manoj also told that this is his 70th film for which he has written dialogues and this is the first time that he used to come outside the office where he was writing his dialogues.

Adipurush: Memes made on the teaser of ‘Adipurush’, director Om Raut said – go to theaters and see, your senses will fly away
‘They will understand our purpose, they will come first and support our film’
Manoj Muntashir also answered this question in this interview in which he was asked that the character of Mother Sita, Lord Ram and Ravana we have seen in films and calendars alike since childhood, will people accept this changed character in the film? would you like to see? To this he said, ‘This Hindu class has lived with this spirit – ayam nijah paro veti enumeration small chetasam. Udarcharitana tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam (i.e. this is mine, this is his; such is the thinking of narrow minded people, while on the contrary, for liberal minded people this whole earth is like a family.) I believe in Hindu public. Well, I know well that the day they understand our purpose, our purpose, they will come first and support our film because they know that this film is an opportunity, an opportunity is the story of Lord Shri Ram for the new generation, To reach the new generation.

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