Aditya Narayan is charging Rs 1500 for an episode of Indian Idol! Why did you ask for 8 crores from the contestants? – Aditya Narayan indian idol fees wants his money back with interest amount 8 crore shocking tmovh

Indian Idol 13 host Aditya Narayan has given proof of this many times in the reality show. Some time ago Aditya lent Rs 1500 to contestant Chirag Kotwal. Which Chirag has not yet returned to Aditya. That’s why now on National TV, Aditya has asked for his money back from the contestants, that too with interest. You will also be shocked to hear this amount of interest.

Aditya Narayan asked for money back from the contestants

In the recent episode, Aditya Narayan called Chirag on the stage and said – There is a person in my life who took 1500 rupees from me 6 weeks ago. This is my one episode fee. Everyone starts laughing at this talk of Aditya. Aditya also tells in fun that you can avoid income tax by saying this. Had he paid the money with interest today, I too would have had a flat near Tanuja ji’s house in Santa Cruz. Ma’am will you ask him to return the money of the poor? Tanuja agreed to it.

Your senses will fly by listening to the interest amount!

Then Aditya calls Chirag Kotwal on stage. Aditya made a big disclosure and told that he has sought a vow until Chirag returns his 1500 rupees plus 6 weeks with interest i.e. 8 crores, till then he will remain rejected from everyone. It is necessary to mention here that there is no need to take this matter too seriously because Aditya was pulling the lamp in fun.

By the way, tell those who do not know that Chirag Kotwal has a history. He is the most handsome contestant of Indian Idol. Rich in killer looks, cute smile and strong voice, Chirag is so sweet that any girl’s heart falls on him. But the picture is not so simple. Handsome hunk Chirag has been rejected by every girl till date. His pain also spilled on the stage of Indian Idol.

The love story started in Indian Idol

In the show, the angle of love story with Chirag’s second contestant Kavya is being played. You must remember the love angle of Pawandeep and Arunita Kanjilal in the last season, due to this the show also got good TRP. In the 13th season, the track of Chirag and Kavya is grabbing the attention of the people. But the sad thing is that even in Indian Idol, the lamp has been rejected. Kavya rejects Chirag as she gets friend vibes from him. But there is no need to worry, the efforts of the lamp to impress Kavya are going on.

lamp ki shamat
Before Kavya, even in the audition round of Indian Idol, Chirag’s heart had come on a girl. But that girl got rejected in the audition, so the matter could not move forward. Chirag could not even take that girl’s number as her belongings had been stolen. This was the time when Aditya helped Chirag by lending him 1500 rupees. When Neha Kakkar came to know about this, she had also warned Chirag that now you are trapped. Aditya will charge you heavy interest.

Now look exactly the same thing happened. Whether Chirag returns the money lent to Aditya Narayan with interest, it will be revealed in the show soon.

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