Afghanistan News : Amrullah Saleh On Afghanistan Crisis Claims Many Taliban Fighter Entered In Panjshir Valley With Pakistan Snipers

Kabul : Former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh on Thursday alleged that the Taliban is once again infiltrating Panjshir with the help of Pakistani snipers and their masters. Saleh claimed that hundreds of Taliban fighters from the Haqqani Network had entered Panjshir along with Pakistani snipers and their handlers. Many times before this, Saleh has targeted Pakistan for helping the Taliban. In a tweet on Friday, he appealed to UN agencies not to financially support NGOs in Afghanistan.

Regarding Panjshir, Saleh wrote in his tweet on Thursday, ‘Since yesterday, dozens of Pakistani snipers and their masters have entered the Panjshir Valley along with hundreds of Taliban fighters from the Haqqani network. For any such mission in Afghanistan, Pakistani mentors and snipers come from SSG (Special Service Group). Saleh said that tents and MREs of the Pakistani army have also been seen. Strong evidence will come out in this regard soon.
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UN agencies stop helping NGOs
On Friday, Saleh appealed to UN agencies, saying: “UN agencies, the Taliban government, are forcing NGOs at the local level to list their fighters as eligible for aid.” At the same time they prevent communities and regions from accessing humanitarian aid. Please stop helping the Haqqani network and the NGO helping the gang of criminals.

The struggle resumed on 7 February
Earlier, Amrullah Saleh had targeted Pakistan PM Imran Khan, alleging that Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was providing intelligence information to terrorist organizations. The Taliban, which has occupied Afghanistan, wants to take over the Panjshir Valley. It is being claimed that due to local fighters and the Northern Alliance, he has not yet succeeded here. The new conflict in Panjshir began after an explosion near a Taliban vehicle on 7 February.

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