Afsana Khan like wearing Gold like Bappi Lahiri singer last wish to sing with him tmov

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  • Afsana is inspired by Bappi Da
  • Bappi wears a lot of gold like da
  • first meeting of remembrance

The world of music seems to be immersed in mourning. Singer-composer Bappi Lahiri said goodbye to this world on 15 February. Bappi Da breathed his last in a hospital in Mumbai. There was silence in the industry after hearing the news of the singer’s death. Last month, Bappi Da was seen in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’. He gave a special appearance in the show. He became a part of this show with his grandson. Bappi Da shared many special moments with host Salman Khan. Bappi Da also had a lot of conversations with the participants. Singer Afsana Khan was also among these contestants. She had met Bappi da and she was very happy after talking.

Afsana pays tribute to Bappi Da
Recalling the moments spent with Bappi da, Afsana Khan said, “I got a chance to interact with Bappi da in the reality show, I consider myself very lucky. He had blessed me. I wished that I could be one with him.” Sing a song, but now it won’t be complete. I got blessings from him and I am very grateful for that.”

Afsana says that I still remember when Bappi Da came in the weekend episode. Although I wear a lot of gold every day, but that day, I did not wear it because of my outfit. I told him that people in Punjab say that I am Bappi da’s daughter or part of his family. Bappi ji will always be known for his songs. And yes, people will remember him for wearing gold. I myself was inspired by him. I fell in love with gold because of him. It is very sad that he is no longer with us.

Bappi da used to have ‘lunch’ in the evening, ‘dinner’ in the early hours, the story of struggle makes us cry!

Afsana finally said, “In a few days the industry has lost two of its most precious singers. Lata didi and now Bappi ji. I pay my tributes to her. No other Bappi Lahiri has been able to be made or has become. He is amazing. He was brilliant. He was full of talent. He had extraordinary skills.”

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