After the bang returns, these two companies are giving the gift of bonus shares, you can also take advantage like this


Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Limited has given returns of more than 150% in one year.
Ram Ratna Wires has jumped 250 per cent in the last one year.
The record date for bonus shares in both the stocks has been fixed as September 29.

Mumbai. Two multi-traded stocks, which have made investors rich due to their strong and strong performance in the last few months, will remain in focus on Wednesday. Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Limited, Ram Ratna Wires and Accel Realty & Infra have an ex-bonus date on 28th September. Both these stocks saw a fall of about five percent in Tuesday’s intraday trade before the ex-date.

Actually bonus shares are additional shares offered by the company at no cost to its existing shareholders by the company. These shares are given to the existing shareholders on the basis of their current holding in the company.

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Both the companies announced 1:1 bonus
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Limited has announced a 1:1 Bonus Issue, which means that the Company will offer one share for every one share to the eligible shareholder on the record date. To ensure the eligibility of the shareholder for the bonus, Pondy Oxides & Chemicals has fixed the bonus date 29 September.

Before the ex-date, the stock fell by about five percent to Rs 1025.25 per share on the BSE. POCL is one of the leading Secondary Lead Smelters in India. It produces lead and lead alloys, zinc metal, zinc oxide and PVC additives. Pondy Oxides & Chemicals has given returns of over 150% in the last one year and the stock has gained over 325% in the last two years.

Record date for bonus shares 29 September
On the other hand, the Board of Directors of Ram Ratna Wires has declared bonus in the ratio of 1: 1, under which the existing eligible shareholders will get one more share for every one share. The company has set the date of 29 September for the bonus. The cut-off date fixed by any company is known as the record date. If the investor is holding shares of the company till this date, then he gets the benefit of bonus shares.

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The share of Ram Ratna Wires also fell by almost five percent to Rs 415.65 on the BSE today. Ram Ratna Wires stock touched a 52-week low of Rs 126.20 in October last year and has jumped nearly 250 per cent from here.

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