Air alert issued across Ukraine, Russian troops launched missile attack in Zaporizhzhia – Air alert issued across Ukraine Russian soldier launched missile attack Zaporizhzhia ntc

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been going on since February 24. Many Ukrainian cities have been reduced to ruins by Russian attacks. According to the news agency, Russian troops launched a missile attack on the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhya in Ukraine on Sunday. This attack was done on the apartment block and residential area. According to the information, an air alert has been declared in Ukraine.

According to the agency, 13 people have died in the missile attack in Zaporizhzhya. Around 89 others have been injured. The attack on Zaporizhzhya on Sunday is the second such attack in the last three days.

According to the agency, the Russian plane fired at least 12 missiles. During this 9 storey apartments were targeted. The Highrise apartment was destroyed in the attack. Along with this, 5 residential buildings were also targeted.

Ukrainian officials said that 13 people were killed in the attack by Russian troops, 89 others were injured, including 60 who were hospitalized. The injured also included 11 children.

On Saturday, the Kerch Strait Bridge connecting Russia with Crimea was lit up with smoke. This is the most special bridge connecting Russia. This bridge was very important for Russian soldiers present in Crimea in the midst of the war with Ukraine. Traffic on the bridge was halted after a cargo train passing through the bridge caught fire. Both the road lanes of the bridge, east and west, have been submerged in water near the burning train.

Rail services and partial road traffic resumed a day after the bridge was damaged, a key supply route for Moscow’s forces battling in southern Ukraine.

Russia blames Ukraine for the attack on the bridge

Russian official blames Ukraine for attacking Crimea Bridge. Vladimir Konstantinov, the head of the parliament set up by Russia in Crimea, claimed that the bridge was only partially damaged and would be repaired soon. Russian President Putin has ordered the formation of a commission on the attack on the bridge connecting Crimea. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that Putin has issued an order to immediately set up a commission to investigate the attack.

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